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You Grow Actors, Too

Donors 2015-16 – so far
(updated 1/14/16)

MacGuffin Theatre & Film Company is incredibly grateful to these stellar folks and organizations for their support. We thank you for partnering with MacGuffin in its mission to grow actors – the future stars of our community! Would you like to join us?

Support provided in part by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund

BNY Mellon Community Partnership
MAJiK Foundation
Winifred M Gordon Foundation
Wyncote Foundation
United Way

Phoenix Constellation (10,000+)
Judy & Peter Leone
The Riccardi Family
Salem Shuchman & Barbara Klock Family Foundation

Orion Constellation (5,000-9,999)
Erica & Anthony Salvi

Pegasus Constellation (1000-4,999)
Idee Brown
Bill & Lisa Burnett
Daniel & Jennifer Cohen
Michael & Cynthia Dahl
David & Nelda Horwitz
Holly Lentz Kleeman & Andrew Kleeman
Dorothy & Peter Novick
Mark & Bridget Schneider
Suzanne Simons & David Borgenicht
Joshua Zissman & Joan Becker

Andromeda Constellation (500-999)
Anne Bigler & Jerry Amari
Fisch/Gassenheimer Family Charitable Fund
Pauline Foley & Rick Fredette
Tom Ginsberg & Leslie Hurtig
Debbie Jih & Noah Cook
Carol Kaminsky & Steven Lazin
The Meckley-Dasgupta Family
Jack Brown

Cassiopeia Constellation (300-499)
Evelyn & Lawrence Krain
Prawat & Gina Nagjavara
Lynn & Jim Welch
Gemini Constellation (100-299)
Scott & Amy Brandt
Cindy Falteich
Carmine Giganti
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Hirshorn
Howard & Mary Hurtig
Leslie Hurtig
Nicole & Bill Katowitz
Jim & Kathy Kelsh
Robert & Paula Manley
Don & Diane Rea
Kristine Reitnauer
Katherine & Michael Schieffelin
Hans Schwartz
Philip & Cecily Sherman
The Shapiro-Barnum Family
The Vonk Family
Cynthia & Wilbert Warren

Ursa Major Constellation (1-99)
Nicole Barnum
Colleen Barry
The Bershad Family
Terence W Dugan
Liz Fredette
Joseph C Holub
Benjamin Hurtig & Sarit Sade
Darcy Krause
Laura McManus
Judy Mester
Carol Miller
Amy Norwitz
Jennie Pritzker
Magdalena Schardt & Bill Eidsen
Shabnam Sedaghat
Rebecca Selvin
Margaret Quinn & Thomas Simons
Oana Vlad
Boni Wolf

In kind donations
Julia Colton
Rick Fredette
Kristin Gillern
Holly Lentz-Kleeman

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Not only does John teach and help us in things like acting, singing and dancing, but he also teaches us lessons that help us in the present and for the future.
Tom Hopkins, 15