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You Grow Actors, Too

Donors 2015-16 – so far
(updated 11/23/15)

MacGuffin Theatre & Film Company is incredibly grateful to these stellar folks and organizations for their support. We thank you for partnering with MacGuffin in its mission to grow actors – the future stars of our community! Would you like to join us?

Support provided in part by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund

BNY Mellon Community Partnership
MAJiK Foundation
Winifred M Gordon Foundation
Wyncote Foundation
United Way

Phoenix Constellation (10,000+)
Michael & Cynthia Dahl
Judy & Peter Leone
The Riccardi Family
Salem Shuchman & Barbara Klock Family Foundation

Orion Constellation (5,000-9,999)
Erica & Anthony Salvi

Pegasus Constellation (1000-4,999)
Idee Brown
Bill & Lisa Burnett
Daniel & Jennifer Cohen
Winifred M. Gordon Foundation
David & Nelda Horwitz
Holly Lentz Kleeman & Andrew Kleeman
Carol Kaminsky & Steven Lazin
Dorothy & Peter Novick
Mark & Bridget Schneider
Joshua Zissman & Joan Becker

Andromeda Constellation (500-999)
Fisch/Gassenheimer Family Charitable Fund
Pauline Foley & Rick Fredette
Tom Ginsberg & Leslie Hurtig
The Meckley-Dasgupta Family
Suzanne Simons & David Borgenicht
Jack Brown

Cassiopeia Constellation (300-499)
Evelyn & Lawrence Krain
Prawat & Gina Nagjavara
Lynn & Jim Welch
Gemini Constellation (100-299)
Anne Bigler & Jerry Amari
Scott & Amy Brandt
Cindy Falteich
Carmine Giganti
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Hirshorn
Howard & Mary Hurtig
Leslie Hurtig
Nicole & Bill Katowitz
Jim & Kathy Kelsh
Robert & Paula Manley
Don & Diane Rea
Kristine Reitnauer
Katherine & Michael Schieffelin
Hans Schwartz
Philip & Cecily Sherman
The Shapiro-Barnum Family
The Vonk Family
Cynthia & Wilbert Warren

Ursa Major Constellation (1-99)
Nicole Barnum
The Bershad Family
Terence W Dugan
Liz Fredette
Joseph C Holub
Benjamin Hurtig & Sarit Sade
Darcy Krause
Laura McManus
Judy Mester
Amy Norwitz
Jennie Pritzker
Magdalena Schardt & Bill Eidsen
Shabnam Sedaghat
Margaret Quinn & Thomas Simons
Boni Wolf

In kind donations
Julia Colton
Rick Fredette
Kristin Gillern
Holly Lentz-Kleeman

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My experience with John Rea and Sarah Bonner has been fundamental for my future in acting.
John Feldan, 15